Benefits of Using Italian Design to Create a Custom Closet

© 2019 Jacob Elliott Photography – A custom Porro closet by DZINE, as seen in “Here’s What San Francisco’s Most Expensive Home on the Market Looks Like” by Dwell. 

Italy gives us so much to celebrate – Italian food, fashion, gelato, cappuccino and … closets?

That’s right. Italian designed closets epitomize luxury. A well-designed closet does far more than provide organization. It reflects your personality and your personal style.

With a custom closet design, you get a sumptuous, well-appointed space where no detail has gone unconsidered and where every square inch is designed with your needs and preferences in mind.

Custom Closet Designs

Whether you want to renovate your existing closet, create a walk-in closet or build an all-new space, DZINE offers custom closet design solutions from Italian manufacturers Porro and Boffi to suit your tastes. Known for their expert craftsmanship and their use of state-of-the-art technology and high quality materials, Boffi and Porro work closely with DZINE’s designers to specify every detail and make sure the end result is tailored to you.

We begin by determining your needs — who will use the space, what types of clothing and accessories will live there, and how many items need storage.

We want to know if you prefer to hang or fold. And we need to know if you collect shoes, hats, handbags or all of the above. By determining the number of suits, dresses and coats you own, we can calculate the sections, shelves, drawers and storage that you require.

We then measure the space, locate light switches and electrical outlets, and make recommendations on products that will match your style and storage needs.

While it’s true that Italian closets are visually stunning, their practical benefit is the convenient storage they offer and the way they make life just a little bit easier.

Italian Design: All in the Details

The benefit of creating a custom closet with Porro or Boffi is that you can select your materials, doors, drawers and finishes. You also have a variety of ways to add sophisticated touches such as soft leather accents, organizational boxes and bespoke lighting. These Italian manufacturers set the trends for contemporary closet design, creating products that American closet manufacturers and local cabinet makers will imitate years down the road. If you want to stay ahead of the trends, then invest in a closet by Porro or Boffi that will stand the test of time.

Our design team will work with you and the Italian manufacturer you prefer to maximize the function and elegance of the space, because when it comes to closets, aesthetics and utility share equal weight.

Unmatched Sophistication

Textured wood. Soft leather. Cool metal. A wide array of high-end materials and finishes are at your disposal to customize your closet. Ingenious storage solutions embrace even the bulkiest items. Integrated illumination and minimalist design elements create a gallery-like atmosphere, showcasing your style.

For understated luxury, sleek modern design and effortless glamour, open the door to Italy. Porro and Boffi marry sophisticated, cutting-edge designs with exceptional engineering and luxury materials to bring the finest closet products to your home.

To learn more about bespoke custom design ideas in San Francisco, visit our 15,000-square-foot Design District showroom, which brings to life the philosophy at the heart of our brand: Good design is ultimately about living with greater comfort, elegance and ease.

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