Boffi Code: A New Way to Customize

“If you can dream it, we can do it.” This is Boffi’s mantra this year, as the company announced a cutting-edge new program at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan. Recognizing that more people are seeking unique products for their homes, Boffi Code puts Boffi’s extraordinary production capabilities in service of your custom kitchen or bathroom, offering extremely tailor-made solutions for your unique space.

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This unprecedented level of customization combines the company’s artisanal craftsmanship with state of the art manufacturing methods. Thanks to Boffi’s falegnameria (carpentry) department – a special division in its factory for building bespoke furniture – customers can specify non-standard sizes for kitchen and bathroom compositions and tailor them to their choice of material, finishes and layout. Each project is unique and a true realization of a client’s vision, made possible by Boffi Code.

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Presented at Salone, Boffi’s new kitchen unit reflects the extent to which the company is deepening its relationship with its materials, introducing new materials like marble, steel, natural stone and precious fossil wood for the worktops and doors. A striking new kitchen island features a Greystone marble worktop paired with cabinetry made of abonos oak, a rare fossilized wood extracted from rivers and lakes in Europe where it has been preserved for thousands of years.

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Minerals in the water integrate with tannins in the wood, staining the wood gradations of brown, which become darker in color the older the wood is. No two woods are alike in color; each is a unique product of the natural environment that created it. This extraordinary process results in an even more extraordinary product that sets the standard for contemporary kitchen design.

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