Creative Ways to Customize Your Kitchen

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Designing your version of the perfect luxury kitchen is a lot like preparing your favorite dish. It’s a matter of taste. The current trends in luxury custom kitchen design aren’t a strict recipe. They include a global emphasis on sustainability and health. Open floor plans that put cooking surfaces on constant display. Curated collections of artisan goods and cutting-edge, minimalist products that add functionality to your kitchen without sacrificing sophisticated lines and finishes. But the bespoke touches that make your kitchen distinctly “you?” Those are yours to envision. A stunning custom kitchen is within easy reach with help from the following tips and the experienced team at DZINE.

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Install Top-Shelf Cabinets

Along with countertops and cooking surfaces, cabinetry plays a pivotal role in how your kitchen looks and how it functions. Custom cabinets can give you the best of both worlds: contemporary design and cutting-edge performance. Italian manufacturer Boffi offers modern, precisely engineered kitchen solutions that utilize the best natural and manmade materials to create stunning designs that you will love to look at and love to use. DZINE is the exclusive representative of Boffi in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we invite you to visit our dedicated Boffi Studio to discover high-end cabinets in a variety of finishes.

Curate Your Kitchen

Displaying fine art in your kitchen may seem like an unconventional move, but your kitchen is where family and friends congregate. It only makes sense to put a beloved painting, sculpture or mixed-media piece where it will be seen and admired. Art can add color, interest and personality to all areas of your home, and the right piece will make the time you spend in your kitchen that much more enjoyable. Look for pieces that echo the general feel of the space – and that spark conversation about their style, provenance and story. DZINE Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that works with both established and emerging Bay Area artists, boasts a wide array of unique fine art pieces including painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture. Our curator can work with you to choose art that complements your design aesthetic.

Uncover the Unexpected

By thoughtfully juxtaposing disparate pieces, you can easily elevate your luxury kitchen design to something purposeful, personal and even playful. Consider these modern mash-ups:

  • A small bonsai tree displayed in a contemporary kitchen filled with sleek metal and polished stone.
  • An art-quality bowl filled with bright citrus fruits in an otherwise neutral space.
  • A set of antique chairs surrounding a minimalistic island.
  • A modern, straight-line dining set anchored by a traditional Persian rug.

These ideas and other unexpected custom touches immediately boost the luxury of your space.

Luxury Kitchen Tips

DZINE’s showroom in San Francisco, CA, designs and supplies thoughtfully crafted, custom-made Boffi kitchens.

We offer a wide selection of Italian kitchen systems, unique accessories and fine art by San Francisco makers and artists that will inspire you to add custom touches to your kitchen. Our reputation for designing and installing high-end kitchens is celebrated by both industry observers and clients.

For bespoke kitchen design ideas in San Francisco, CA, visit our 15,000-square-foot Design District showroom, which embodies the philosophy at the heart of our brand: Good design is ultimately about living with greater comfort, elegance and ease. Explore our exclusive selection of furniture, art and accessories, handpicked by our design team to inspire homeowners, architects and interior designers.

DZINE is your source for luxury furniture and home décor ideas in San Francisco.

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