Bringing Curated Accessories To DZINE

Luxury and Handcrafted Ceramic Accessories by Bosa

In an effort to bring a diverse and distinct range of accessories to our showroom, we are excited to expand on our Venini display with new luxury, handcrafted ceramic accessories by Bosa. Our design team carefully considered and hand selected each piece in an effort to offer a range of designs, sizes, colors and materials to suit any aesthetic. Our curated display is the result of numerous trips to Italy, during which we sought out accessories that could complement and match the quality of the furnishings we offer in our showroom. All of the items on display are in stock and available to take home now. This is just the beginning – over the next year, we hope to expand our program by offering tabletop accessories and bringing on new manufacturers.

Bosa, based in the town of Borso del Grappa outside of Venice, was founded by Italo Bosa in 1976 and specializes in Italian designer ceramics. While many ceramic companies in this area were forced out of business due to a decreasing demand for traditional ceramic products, Bosa’s longevity can be attributed to its focus on creating unique designer ceramics. Bosa follows the classic Venetian way of creating ceramics, utilizing ancient handmade techniques to create its collection of lamps, plates, bowls, vases, decorative sculptures and candleholders. Master artists hand paint each piece using a rich palette of colors and precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper. Each ceramic object is unique and very difficult to manufacture due to the labor-intensive process of casting and retouching, firing, glazing and decorating.


Bosa | Oops vases by Roberto e Ludovica Palomba


Bosa | T-tables by Jaime Hayon

We are also excited to bring on fferrone, known for its tabletop glassware and home accessories, as well as furnishings. The Chicago, Illinois based company, named after designer and founder Felicia Ferrone, is celebrated for its minimalist modern designs that are handmade by master craftsmen. Ferrone’s background as an architect in Milan would ultimately influence her design aesthetic and philosophy: “In a series of positions with some of Italy’s most notable design luminaries, among them Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni, she developed her belief that all aspects of design are interdependent, that nothing exists in a vacuum but always in relation to the environment, objects, and systems that surround it,” reads fferrone’s website.

Visit our showroom through the month of July and receive 15% off new in-stock accessory orders.


fferrone | Bana double vase by Felicia Ferrone


fferrone | Lift tray by Felicia Ferrone

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