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copper cookware

Innovative cookware: two words that aren’t commonly paired together but that perfectly embody
Italian brand knIndustrie’s collection of contemporary kitchenware. While the company’s offerings
may seem ordinary – pots, pans, serving bowls, dishes, cutlery, cutting boards – the products themselves
are anything but. Fit for the casual cook or professional chef, the collection is entirely eco-sustainable,
made out of carefully selected raw materials like stainless steel, wood, aluminum, copper and glass.

knindustrie CookwareFOODWEAR pots, pans & casseroles by Rodolfo Dordoni

The versatility of knIndustrie’s collection truly makes this brand stand out within a competitive market.
The products are designed to seamlessly fluctuate between professionally preparing food and elegantly
serving it on the dinner table. For instance, a removable wooden handle in walnut can attach and detach
from most containers – so the “Foodwear” copper pot used to prepare pasta on the stove can, by removing
the handle, be instantly transformed into a sophisticated serving bowl. Or the walnut wood lid that sits
atop the non-stick aluminum “ABCT” roasting pan can pull double-duty as a cutting board. The end result
is a rich collection of high quality tools that work together to simplify the experience of preparing,
presenting and serving food.

ARKITECTURA “Birdie” figurines by Aldo Londi

In addition to knIndustrie, designer ceramics by Bitossi Ceramiche and Linck Keramik
are now on display in our showroom. Bitossi employs a traditional way of making ceramics that
has existed in Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy since the 1500s. Established by the Bitossi family,
the company’s collaboration with art director Aldo Londi and architect Ettore Sottsass in the 1950s
gave birth to a unique collection of design ceramics. Today, the company operates out of its
original factory outside of Florence and continues to develop upon its rich heritage of producing timeless pieces.

RIMINI BLU vases by Aldo Londi

Bitossi’s designs are playful and utilize a rich variety of colors, adding charm to a space
that may be dominated by a more soft and neutral palette. Aldo Londi’s “Rimini Blu”
collection is a favorite, with vessels ornamented by a pattern that is hand “waived”
into the ceramic. Some collections, like Benjamin Hubert’s “Seams” cannisters, are both
decorative and functional, while others, like Arik Levy’s “Totem” series, are more
sculptural in form and purely ornamental.

SEAMS vases, bowl & cannisters by Benjamin Hubert

Is there such thing as the perfect form? If so, Linck Keramik strives to master it.
While Bitossi’s collection is full of color and diverse shapes, Linck follows a very
minimal and monochromatic aesthetic. Clean, sharp lines, classical craftsmanship
and the color white define the Swiss collection. Margrit Linck, the founder of the
company and creative force behind the collection once said, “I love white – since the form
is of utmost importance to me, it seems that the perfect form can only come in white.”
An all-white collection demands a flawless design and Linck Keramik executes it,
revealing the skilled technique of its craftsmen. Quiet statement pieces for the modern
home, Linck’s designs are timeless and effortlessly blend into any interior space.

Collection of Linck Keramik vases by Margrit Linck

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