Curating a Lifestyle with è DePadova

Curating Lifestyle with E Depadova

We are excited to announce the launch of è DePadova in our showroom and reveal our newly redesigned Boffi Studio. A storied Milanese furniture brand, è DePadova is renowned for its iconic, modern designs. Our 3,000 square foot Boffi Studio now seamlessly integrates contemporary furnishings by DePadova with luxury kitchen and bath products by Boffi. The redesign celebrates the merger of the two brands at the corporate level, and sets the bar for contemporary design in the Bay Area.

Maddalena and Fernando DePadova founded their namesake company in 1956 and pioneered the way for Scandinavian design in Italy. What began as an enterprise in importing Scandinavian furniture and objects evolved into DePadova launching its own line of furnishings under the trademark “Edizioni De Padova” (what would later become “è DePadova”) thanks to collaborations with visionary designers such as Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni. They would go on to create what are now considered iconic design pieces, such as Magistretti’s Louisiana armchair and Vidun dining table and Castiglioni’s Tavolo ’95 dining table.

Today, DePadova is one of Italy’s most beloved and prestigious brands, with an aesthetic characterized by refined and timeless elegance, synonymous with Milanese style. DePadova curates a complete lifestyle with its collection of contemporary seating, bookcases, beds, tables and accessories by top designers such as Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Dieter Rams, Nendo, Luca Nichetto and Naoto Fukasawa.

Boffi acquired DePadova in 2015 with the plan of integrating DePadova furnishings into Boffi Studios worldwide. DePadova’s stunning flagship store on via Santa Cecilia in the heart of Milan turns this idea on its head by integrating a few select Boffi products into the display. Conceived and designed by Piero Lissoni, the art director and a designer for both companies, the resulting showroom serves as a concept apartment with several living spaces, a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. In our own showroom, we devoted the space adjacent to our Boffi Studio to this same concept: a living space, blending furnishings and interior architecture products to present a complete lifestyle. We are incredibly fortunate to have Piero Lissoni inspire us while we share our design vision with you.

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