Golran Creates Optical Art in Rug Collection

Golran Creates Optical Art in Rug Collection

Ask any interior designer – rugs are an integral part of designing a space. They can provide balance and function in harmony with a room, or they can make a statement and stand out as a design piece in their own right. Golran’s history begins in 1898 in Mashad, Persia and continues to this day with headquarters in Milan and production in Nepal. The company maintains a true passion for the art of Persian carpets while fully embracing modern design.

The newest collections to our showroom are “Lake” by the London-based design studio Raw Edges and “Hunua” by designer Piero Lissoni. The iridescent Lake collection takes its inspiration from the ever-changing colors of nature. Depending on the angle from which the rug is seen, the colors change from bright to deeper tones, similar to the reflective colors of a lake depending on the time of day. The different pile heights of the thread also add to the optical illusion of a change in design as you move around the rug. The rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal and made of a combination of wool and bamboo silk. The collection won the 2015 Wallpaper Design Award for the Best Optical Illusion.

The Hunua collection combines Golran’s artisanal skills with the contemporary designs of Piero Lissoni. Available in blue, white, steel, red or bronze, the rugs are composed of a tone-on-tone collage of different weaves and graphic embroidery. Elegant yet understated, the area rugs in this collection are comprised of wool, silk, hemp and allo, a wild plant also known as nettle that is grown in the high mountain areas of Nepal.

For more information on these collections, visit our showroom or contact us at marketing@dzinestore.com.

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