How to Add Color in the Bathroom

Bathroom hardware in colors

Fantini has a storied history with color. From being one of the first to successfully introduce colorful fixtures in 1978, to the induction of a design into the permanent collection at MoMA, they show what an accent of color can do for the bathroom. By adding soft pastels or bold hues to your bathroom, you’ll turn it into a modern, lively space.

Fantini Balocchi Bathroom Taps
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Here are a few collections from Fantini to consider when sourcing for color inspiration:

Venezia is the epitome of elegance in the bathroom. These refined handles are made from Murano glass in bright colors like blue and red or more subtle options like white and back. Designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez were inspired by Fantini’s use of color with I Balocchi, and wanted to bring color back into the line for the first time since the 1970’s.

Fantini Contemporary Collection
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Fast forward to 2019, and meet Nice; the contemporary collection from the same designers who produced Venezia. This unique style combines eye-catching colors with translucent shapes to create an optical illusion. Various colors can be applied for the handles of a faucet or shower. In the words of the designers, Nice is “An homage to the essence of water and its beauty: transparent, fresh, and colorful.”

Fantini Nice Colors
Photo credit: Fantini

The icon of Fantini and one of the first colored fixtures to meet huge success on the market is I Balocchi: a modern style inspired by bright pops of color. Learn why one architect used I Balocchi to bring color to the master bathroom in a sophisticated way:

“All of the product lines at Fantini are beautiful but the Balocchi with its unlikely forms and vibrant colors really allowed us to express the client’s sense of adventure and fun while upholding a very important tradition at the residence towers: using only the best pieces of the finest quality and continuing to push limits,” says designer Laura Flam.

Bold Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms
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