How to Design a Bathroom for Wellness with Fantini

Fantini shower head

What are your home design goals for 2019? Work in wellness with a simple focus on one special space: the bathroom. More than 70%* of people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress, which is one of the reasons Fantini strives to support well-being through design with water. Here’s how to reduce stress and encourage wellness by making your bathroom a soothing respite for relaxation.

Chromotherapy – the use of color and light waves gently awakens both the mind and body, creating a therapeutic experience. Fantini’s Acquadolce shower includes color, light and water functions to create a multi-sensory experience.

Bursts of color – Faucets are more than functional pieces of hardware. By adding a pop of color, which has been shown to improve moods, dreary winter days seem much brighter. Fantini’s I Balocchi collection is available in infinite hues to create playful bathrooms, as seen in this Fantini Design Awards-winning project by designer NICOLEHOLLIS.

Photo credit: Laure Joliet

Simplicity – Minimal and contemporary accents are a sure way to make the bathroom feel like a getaway. To create a space that feels at once organic and modern, Fantini Design Awards winner Eric Petschek used Fantini Mint fittings against a natural marble vanity for a subtle contrast against the stone’s gentle, wavy patterns.

Photo credit: Eric Petschek

Which Fantini collections would you use to design a bathroom for wellness? Comment below and let us know.


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