Introducing a New Collaboration: Boffi + Salvatori

Salvatori & Boffi Kitchens and Bathrooms

The new Boffi and Salvatori display in our showroom takes sophisticated and innovative kitchen and bath design to the next level. The new display, which spans 3,000 square feet, showcases cutting-edge materials for surfaces including new stones, metals and woods. Salvatori works closely with architects, designers and builders to provide inspiring new ways to work with natural stone, from wall installations and flooring to furniture and lighting. When paired with state-of-the-art Boffi kitchens and bathrooms, the possibilities are endless. Piero Lissoni’s creative influence on both companies is apparent; both place value on clean and contemporary aesthetics, quality of product and forward-thinking design.

Boffi’s HIDE kitchen is designed to conceal a complete, full-working kitchen, including appliances, shelving, storage and lighting behind closed doors. The pocket doors on this unit recess into the system and have a hand-brushed metal lacquer finish called Titanium. A motion sensor light turns on when you open the doors, revealing the countertop and backsplash in Durinox, a special stainless steel that is extremely resistant to scratches.

The PROJECT_CODE kitchen island is defined by its unique horizontal handle detail on the doors, which open up to reveal storage space inside. The island has a Greystone marble worktop and doors, a PITT cooktop and stone-lined downdraft, an integrated sink and a washbasin mixer in matte black.

The K21 kitchen island has an inset countertop in stainless steel and doors in the Bronze metal lacquer finish. The PROGRAMMA STANDARD tall units are finished in Abonos Oak, a rare fossilized wood extracted from rivers and lakes in Europe where it has been preserved for thousands of years. The ZONE coplanar doors sit flush and conceal shelving, storage drawers, integrated lighting and a built-in oven.

The I FIUMI ST bath vanity has an integrated sink and is paired with the LED LINE mirror and ARK bathtub. The Salvatori wall is made of a unique recycled stone called Gris du Marais with the “Lithoverde” texture. Gris du Marais is a classic French marble, characterized by its elegant dappled grey surface.

Shown below, Boffi’s PROGRAMMA STANDARD bath vanity is equipped with the UNIVERSAL handle. The Salvatori stone wall is in Pietra D’Avola stone with the “Bamboo” texture. A rich chocolatey limestone, Pietra D’Avola is a dark, intense and elegant stone which can vary in shade from greyish-brown to almost black.

The PROJECT_CODE bath system we are showing below is designed in Greystone marble, complete with the ECLIPSE tap in a grey PVD finish and the backlit LOTUS mirror. The Salvatori wall is in Bianco Carrara stone with the ”Cotone” texture, lending it an elegant, brushed look.

Boffi’s WOOD-IN bath vanity is presented in natural oak with knots that is treated with a matte finish for extra durability and paired with ECLIPSE washbasins and taps in grey PVD. The Salvatori backsplash is in Silk Georgette stone in the “Raw” texture.

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