New Boffi Kitchen Display – Cook with Greater Comfort and Convenience

Boffi kitchen display Fall 2020

We are excited to announce we have a newly designed Boffi kitchen on display in our showroom. Updating our four model Boffi kitchens regularly as we do, our latest design configuration features components from the Boffi’s most popular collections and represents the very best of modern Italian design.

Prized for minimalism and modularity, Boffi offers a sleek aesthetic with unparalleled functionality. Customize your luxury kitchen with the sophistication of Boffi cabinets, islands, cooker hoods and backsplashes finely crafted from marble, stainless steel, natural stone, fossil wood and other premium materials.

Schedule a showroom appointment with our interior architecture professionals today to experience the new kitchen display in person. In the meantime, continue to scroll down to see and learn more about several of the superior Boffi components and feature we’ve modeled in this latest design.


Boffi Aprile, Upper, K6 Boffie Aprile and Upper

Aprile Cabinetry and Corian Countertops

The perimeter of the kitchen is comprised of Aprile cabinets -– designed by Piero Lissoni – underneath an innovative, 10 mm slimline white Corian® countertop. Corian is a weather-resistant and nonporous so moisture and stains do not penetrate the surface. And, with proper cleaning, Corian also resists the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Besides these factors, one key advantage to specifying Corian countertops is that doing so allows for the sink to be integrated seamlessly into the countertop. Several small recessed Aprile compartments and accessories, including a wooden knives holder, can also be integrated into these Corian countertops.

The base cabinets feature oversized drawers powered by a servo-drive which allows the drawers to  be opened with the touch of a knee leaving one’s hands free for cooking. In our display, we’ve chosen Boffi’s Pebble neutral stone color for the cabinets’ matte lacquer finish.

Upper System Shelving

The shelving above the sink is an Upper unit made from Canaletto European walnut. The Upper system is characterized by slim, suspended shelves each lit underneath with integrated LED lights to beautifully and functionally illuminate glassware, china and other tableware.

Boffi K6 island closed Boffi K6 island closed

K6 Island

The central focal point of the new Boffi display is the stunning K6 island designed by Norbert Wangen. K6 features a precise, sliding worktop composed of Corian and is supported by a well-engineered honeycomb interior structure to reduce weight. And because all the cabinets on this island are also composed of Corian, the K6 is well-suited for exterior kitchen applications.

Gaggenau Appliances

Gaggenau’s newest push-to-open refrigeration and freezer columns, featuring stainless steel interiors, are showcased and fully electrified in our display. Just nudge the hand-free door of the 400 series dishwasher and it will automatically open revealing the glow of backlit illumination. Gaggenau appliances are manufactured in Germany to exacting technical standards.


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