Porro Closets: How to Create Your Own Dream Closet

custom Porro closet design

For the closet of your dreams, look no further than Porro, an Italian design brand with a modern and minimal aesthetic. Porro’s luxurious closets seamlessly integrate into your home, making the space more beautiful and functional. Porro combines over 90 years of tradition and Italian craftsmanship with sophisticated industrial manufacturing and cutting-edge innovation, making them truly a leader at the forefront of contemporary closet design today. In San Francisco, Porro can only be found at DZINE. So when you’re ready to create the closet of your dreams, visit DZINE’s showroom. We are here to help provide inspiration and expertise to make your dream a reality.

Think of It as a Bedroom Extension

No longer are closets simply places where you store shoes and shirts. With an expanded walk-in closet made up of striking designs, colors and materials, you’ll have an attractive space where you can pick out exactly what you need as well as a dressing room for you to try it on. Our staff of interior designers at DZINE will work with you to create a layout that is functional, stylish, and is completely customized to you and your lifestyle.

Contrasting Colors and Varying Heights

Today’s modern closet designs are as sophisticated as kitchens. To make everything as accessible as possible, you’ll want your dream closet capable of storing different items at different heights. Just as you want your pots and pans in easy to reach places in your kitchen, you’ll want your accessories organized in such a fashion so that you can easily survey your wardrobe and retrieve what you want when you want it. Investing in a Porro closet means investing in a closet that lasts; Porro offers a wide selection of beautiful and high-quality finishes, including 16 different types of wood, 24 glossy and matte lacquers, and a variety of glass and metal finishes.

porro closet design

Custom Storage Options

Porro offers bespoke storage solutions to match your particular style. There are container units that double as seats, and shelving units with integrated lighting that you can use to highlight your shoes. You can specify transparent glass doors that reveal the contents inside or use pull-out sliding doors in lacquer or wood. Porro offers floating glass shelving, push-to-open drawers, eco-leather shelving, integrated motion sensor lighting, accessory and jewelry compartments, and more. The possibilities are endless. More than just being a pretty place to keep your clothes, your modern closet should match your individual style while also allowing you to store your wardrobe in a way that’s easy to navigate. As the premier supplier of designer furnishings in San Francisco, DZINE can help you build the closet of your dreams. Give us a call today!

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