Elena Residence | Los Altos, CA

A Newly Constructed Family Home in Los Altos

Perched at the top of a gracefully sloping property, the residence at Elena is the epitome of contemporary architecture. The home presents a wide face of concrete and wood to the east, taking full advantage of a dramatic view. With soaring ceilings in the main living space, which combines a living room, dining room and kitchen, the feeling is light and airy. Floor to ceiling windows invite the outside in, giving the house an expanse beyond its 8,000 square feet, but because it is placed far away from the street, there is still a sense of intimacy and privacy.

The interior design seeks to match this feeling, with carefully selected contemporary European furniture exuding serenity and luxury. The furnishings are light in color, inspired by the natural light that flows throughout the home, with a select few in light grey reflecting the interplay of Northern California’s sky with the San Francisco Bay in view of the house. The feeling is sunny and fresh, with the design elements working in harmony with the new architecture, providing a sophisticated yet understated gathering place for family and friends. The seamless flow of the furnishings from indoor to outdoor provides an invitation to step outside and enjoy the panoramic bay views. The rooms are accessorized with a unique selection of antique, vintage and ethnic pieces, lending a sense of soul, warmth and narrative to the home. Completing the design are over 25 works of art specifically curated to adorn the whitewashed walls, providing playful pops of color and bringing life into the house.

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