Vallejo Street | San Francisco, CA

Location: Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA
Year: 2019
Architect: Edmonds + Lee Architects
Realtor: Compass
Developer: Apex Development
Photographer: Blake Thompson

DZINE’s interior design for Vallejo St. grew out of conversations with the developer and architects following their specification of the Boffi cabinetry for the kitchen and master bathroom. We went through a complete design process, including mood boards and revisions, before ordering all of the furniture specifically for the house from our Italian manufacturers. Taking our cues from Edmonds + Lee’s modernist aesthetic, the interior design is meant to seamlessly blend into the home, relating to and enhancing the architecture, while not fighting for attention. The rich dark wood and white walls used in the foyer and top floor are reflected in those spaces, with light and dark accents in the furniture and a more formal approach to the setting. In other spaces, the light wood wall cladding, flooring and banister railings, with a more Scandinavian aesthetic, are mirrored with more casual and comfortable furnishings.

As with all of our projects, the art from our Gallery helps guide our approach and tell the story of the home and our design. Like the house, the art is world-class and meant to evoke a museum or gallery. It is site specific and curated for the architecture and space it inhabits: on a hill with an extraordinary and iconic San Francisco view. This is reflected in the artists, who all live in the Bay Area and bring that sensibility to their work. On the top floor, where the view can best be seen, Ronald Chase’s abstract painting in blue reflects the bay, while his grid compositions relate to the rows of buildings and streets stretched out to the water’s edge. The work is non-representational, while at the same time evoking the very vivid and concrete vista from the windows, supporting rather than fighting with the view. The one piece in the living room that could be called representational is a painting by Catherine Mackey, which has a reddish circle depicted in it meant to call attention to the dome of the Palace of Fine Arts, so clearly visible through the window.

Throughout the more interior spaces, photographs bring images of the outside in to the house. Images by Jason O’Rear, Austin Forbord, Lauren Parks and Tabitha Soren share the spaces with more graphic work by Carrie Ann Plank and Lian Ng. Abstract paintings by Gioi Tran and Paule Dubois Dupuis offer tranquility and color, as well as abstract paper collages in blue and green by Emily Lazarre, again suggesting the water outside the home. A sculpture in statuary marble by Yoko Kubrick suggests the rolling surf, completing the tribute to the ocean that surrounds the city. The furnishings, art and architecture come together to create a world within the home reflecting and embracing all that Pacific Heights and San Francisco have to offer.

San Francisco Business Times – Unparalleled Views, Distinctive Design, Exclusive Pacific Heights Location

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