Salvatori Bath Collection

We are proud to include Salvatori bath and tile collection with the list of brands we carry. Salvatori offers a state of the art, minimalist look that will complement your modern bathroom design with its elegant yet sophisticated approach.

Salvatori’s unique innovative approach allows them to go beyond what’s available. For example, Salvatori created a special material called Lithoverde which is a unique texture composed of 99% natural stone, with the remaining 1% a natural soy-based resin that holds the pieces together.

Read more about Lithoverde® story here

Oyster Bathtub

Completely wrapped in natural stone, the Oyster bathtub is a simple yet beautiful structure. Designed with 16 possible combinations of finish, it can be described as a “custom tub” and is the perfect starting point for a total stone bathroom look.

Balnea Bathtub

The beauty of simplicity and the Balnea bathtub is the perfect example of how a natural material, perfect geometry and outstanding design can create an extraordinary product.

Bianco Carrara Cotone | Tratti

Tratti is a pattern created for Salvatori by designer Elisa Ossino, who was inspired by the idea of juxtaposing metal with natural stone. Rods, available in gold-coloured and midnight black painted metal, are combined with our honed and Cotone variants to create depth and a striking effect, perfect for a dramatic feature wall.

Bianco Carrara | Romboo

While experimenting with ways to reuse stone wasted in production, Salvatori came up with the idea of cutting and placing the offcuts of Bamboo, one of its most popular textures, in non-conventional ways.

The result was Romboo, not only an environmentally-friendly solution but also a stunning new pattern in its own right. Composed of a series of rhombus-shaped tiles, when placed together they form a three-dimensional hexagonal effect which comes dramatically to life when bathed in light. Ideal for statement and feature walls and bathrooms, including shower floors thanks to the grip they offer.

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