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Contemporary Bathroom Design

DZINE design teams provide custom high-end bathroom design services to discerning homeowners, architects, contractors, and decorators throughout San Francisco, CA, and the Bay Area. Whether you’re designing a new home or in need of a luxury bathroom renovation, turn to DZINE for the finest modern and contemporary bathroom design ideas and products.

Soft Tones. Natural Materials.

The hallmarks of European contemporary design are soft color tones and natural materials, two principles that lend themselves well to creating elegant, modern bathroom interior designs. While modern design has a minimalist aesthetic, it doesn’t have to be cold and uninviting. Soft color tones and natural materials, such as stone, wood, and glass, add considerable warmth. Your DZINE bathroom designer will work closely with you to create a sophisticated, functional space.

A Space to Relax and Unwind

Our luxury bathroom design ideas will help you create an oasis in your home, a peaceful place where you can relax and unwind. Picture starting your day with Italian multiuse showers, smooth surfaces, unadorned European cabinetry, and ample storage. New bathroom designs for high-end homes utilize clean lines, the latest technology, and exceptional products and materials. For outstanding high-end bathroom ideas that are both elegant and functional, turn to DZINE.