The Ongoing Search for Beauty with Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti furniture

The ongoing search for beauty is the driving force behind Italian furniture company Paola Lenti’s creative development of high-tech materials and ever-expanding range of colors. Always a crowd favorite at the Salone del Mobile, Paola Lenti debuted its 2018 collection in an expansive industrial building in Milan. During our time there, Paola sat down with us and explained that her vision for the display starts the day after the previous year’s show. It happens slowly, little by little, like a puzzle. She first starts with color, then the material, then she works closely with designers and artisans who bring her vision to life. Take a look at the pieces from her new collection that inspired us.

The Orbitry outdoor chair is available as a swivel armchair or as a lawn swing. The upholstery is handwoven directly onto the stainless steel structure in a one or two-color braid in Rope yarn. The seat and loose cushions are made of a waterproof polyester fiber treated to withstand wear and weather and can be upholstered in various outdoor fabrics in the collection. The lawn swing is suspended with stainless steel cables covered with Rope yarn.

The Lanterna outdoor lamp can be used as a floor or table lamp. It has a painted stainless steel structure covered with Kimia fabric in 100% polyolefin. Available in different colors and three different sizes, the Lanterna lamp has LED lighting and comes with a rechargeable battery.

The Spring high-tech rug is embroidered by hand with a floral pattern in Rope yarn that is attached to a backing in 100% polyolefin Kimia fabric. The rug is composed of various modules that are sewn together using Punto Zigzag stitching. The Spring rug is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

A beautiful showcase of material, the Loto screen, designed by Francesco Rota, is an indoor modular screen designed to divide spaces. Paola Lenti partnered with De Castelli to create the steel structure, which is decorated with handwoven Rope cords or with a flexible metal knit weave. The modules are joined together at the bottom by white or black marble elements.

For more information, please stop by the showroom or contact us at 415-674-9430.

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