Why You Should Invest in a Closet Remodel

It’s time to turn your closet into something extraordinary. After all, it’s where you store all the elements that define your personal style, and those cherished wardrobe pieces deserve a space as elegant as the items themselves.

DZINE’s team of designers works with Italian design brands Porro and Boffi to create high-end closets that are customized to your exact specifications and feature amenities that are simultaneously luxurious and useful. Boffi and Porro are design innovators, fusing the latest cutting-edge technology with a tradition of artisan craftsmanship to create truly state-of-the-art closet systems. Excellence in closet design is about so much more than clever storage solutions. It’s about seamlessly marrying aesthetics and performance. A luxuriously appointed closet provides maximum space, easy access, smart storage solutions and furniture-quality craftsmanship.

Consider the following benefits of a closet remodel:

Smarter Use of Space

Modern engineering and materials are revolutionizing the way space can be used in closets.

For example, Porro has closet storage systems that use back panels to create aerial continuity as well as support horizontal elements. Thanks to this exceptional design, open and closed areas can be created and seamlessly combined to form linear, corner, walk-in and reach-in arrangements with little to no wasted space.

New closet designs maximize vertical as well as horizontal space, increasing your closet’s capacity, using pull-down shelves and multiple rods at varying heights to help you get the most from your space.

If you need standalone storage solutions, Boffi, De Castelli and Glas Italia offer wardrobes so beautiful, you’ll be happy to have them out in the open. Polished metal cabinets, glass display cases, and weathered wood cabinets make keeping your things tidy a luxurious experience.

Flattering Lighting

If your current closet has been in use for a while, a change in lighting will likely make the most impact. DZINE’s closet designers can create a luxury lighting plan for your closet that will add comfort, ease and elegance.

Gone are the days when closets were lit with single overhead lights. Modern closets look first to natural light via windows and skylights. If adding these to your design isn’t an option, think outside the box. Start with ambient lighting to provide a soft glow that will reflect off polished surfaces. Overhead fixtures, chandeliers and pendants provide a design focal point as well as a good base for lighting.

Next, discover the ways that new LED technologies have revamped task lighting:

  • Use lights to spotlight your collections of shoes or handbags.
  • Place ribbons of light under shelves and above hanging rods to highlight the clothing in that section. You’ll love how light makes the colors and textures of your clothing pop.
  • Add accent lighting to illuminate art and design details in the space.

Exceptional Extras

The ability to add indulgent extras to your closet design is another reason to remodel now. Take the opportunity to incorporate these modern closet trends:

  • If you don’t have one, two or even three mirrors in your walk-in closet, it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Jewelry and accessory storage. You’ve spent a lifetime acquiring these pieces; give yourself a dedicated place to store them. Porro offers pull-out sliding door systems with a soft close mechanism that have integrated accessory compartments to display and organize your favorite pieces.
  • The most lavish closets feature comfortable seating, and mirrored vanities give you comfortable space to prepare for (or shake off) the day.
  • Assemble your outfits using convenient valets, garment racks or dress forms. For a perfectly polished look, include a station for ironing, steaming and lint-rolling.

If it’s been awhile since you remodeled your closet, now’s the time to open the door to the possibilities. There are so many new and exciting options that will allow you to elevate your space.

The designers at DZINE are here to help you create a custom closet design in San Francisco, CA, and discover the benefits of a luxury closet tailored to your individual needs.

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